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Offer for Industrial Plants:

Permanent collection and transportation fleet with provision of required documents.

Set free containers for waste segregation.

Additional services industrial cleaning.

Offer for garages and disassembly stations, small businesses:

Due to the law on hazardous waste (Article 3. 2 point 1 and 2 of the Journal of Laws of 2007. No. 39, item 251) and Regulation MEL on 4 August 2004. No. 192, item. 1968 imposing an obligation to protect the environment we provide waste collection:

  • Mineral and synthetic oils, waste engine, gear, lubricating and hydraulic.
  • Absorbents, filter materials, wiping cloths and protective clothing.
  • Worn tires, oil filters, brake pads, fluids, anti-freeze,
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics (bumpers), glass (including lamps and reflectors),
  • Wood containing dangerous substances, paper, cardboard,
  • Lead batteries,
  • Wastes not otherwise specified (eg, car mats).

Offer for collection of waste oils:

While collecting 1000 liter motor oil, oil filters and collection of brake fluid up to 1 ton per 1 zł / net.

Offer for collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment:

We collect the electronic equipment, KPO issue.

Offer a transport service:

We have our own fleet of specialized vehicles with equipment and ADR, trained, experienced staff. We operate throughout the country.

Offer for cleaning fat and oil separators:

Service cleaning separators are made completely from pumping and cleaning, to collection and transport the waste to the disposal site. We have specialized equipment certified; neither ADR and the appropriate authorization. We record of waste in accordance with current environmental regulations. The cost of cleaning the separator is priced individually. The cost of the service is included in the amount of incoming waste and cleaning services.

  • Drain oil or oily substances from the sump and tank.
  • Cleaning the high-pressure cleaner separator elements.
  • Entry to the operational separation.
  • Taking the issue of waste and KPO.